10 tips for organizing your monthly business bills

 Are you some one who have a lot on fees,  as a result of you forget to pay your bills on time? does one perpetually waste time trying to find that cable bill you left somewhere within the house? pay associate hour organizing your personal bills and papers currently, and this may prevent time and frustration within the future. Plus, this helps create tax time easier as a result of you have already got everything in one place.

First of all, have an area wherever you kind your mail a dayjunk gets trashed or recycled instantly. Magazines and catalogs ought to go into a rack to scan later. Open your bills, create a note of the maturity date and directly place them on your table in an exceedingly little file till you write the check. a tiny low letter file that sits on your table works well- no must purchase any fancy data file unless you're thinking that that may work higher for you.

It’s best to start out in Janhowever you'll be able to begin to line up your classification system at any time throughout the year. Use a office furniture or plastic storage box to store all of your files. I like a plastic file box as a result of at year finish I will carry it to the basement to store with different recent records.
If you've got over ten bills a month, use a separate manila folder for every company you write a check to. I favor to use the manila file jackets instead as a result of they need closed sides that stop little receipts from breakup and obtaining lost.

Create a folder for Miscellaneous for those folks or firms you simply pay once or doubly every yearlike insurance or magazine subscriptions. you'll be able to additional lyuse this folder to stay those occasional letters you wish to jot down throughout the year however don’t grasp wherever to file them. 

Make a folder for bank statements and another one labeled “For financial gain taxes.” As you pay a bill which will be subtracted on your legal instrument (such as holding tax or medical bills), file it during this folder rather than your paid bills file. Name one folder “Investments” for any work that comes concerning your 401(k) or IRA throughout the year.

If you pay but ten checks a month, you don’t want a separate folder for every company-you will manage with only 1 folder for all of your bills for the entire year.

Keep all of your bank check or direct deposit stubs in associate envelope or folder, newest one on primei exploit a daily letter envelope for mine, and perpetually keep them till I verify that my W-2 is correct once it arrives in Jan

Pay your bills as you get paid- either weekly or bi-weekly. If you're paid monthly, chances are high that you'll should pay a number of your bills throughout the month, therefore schedule time to pay bills each different week. take care to permit a week’s mailing time if you pay by check. If you pay on-line, this task are easier, and in most instances you'll be able to founded your payment before of the maturity date.

After you write the check or pay on-linetake care to mark the bill “Paid” with the date and check variety before you file it within the folder you've got founded.

At the top of Decemberproduce new files therefore you'll be able to be prepared for the subsequent year.

By organizing your bills and putting in place a classification systemyou'll land up payment less time on this task weekly. And, next tax season all you'll must do is pull the file “For financial gain taxes” to start making ready your tax returns.

How to turn spring cleaning into precious time?

Last week i read on sociale media a post about mom hard work save her freelancer job and shooping, I got back to my elder days, where no connection and womens like My mother working all the day as house keeper . This time of year was for preparing house to bring Spring days, to get out, and visit far places, so we start early every winter

This was marked from first realy age, as every house holder should do some prepartion To get rid of winter residue.

During the first years of my childhood, we lived in the land of the four seasons and none of them were rainy. The cold winter days proved to be an annual farm weather; but in spring cleaning. My mother walks around the house for days, leaving no corner of our house untouched by brooms, dust, cleaning soap, rubble and other cleaning weapons. Each inch of the cabinet is returned, the stock is taken, the value is assessed, the surfaces washed and cleaned, and the clothes that were still "good" were organized in a useful and efficient manner. The family was moved, unloaded and emptied from the ceilings.

My best memory is cleaning the ground. After collecting all the lost items and lost items, cleaning between the seasons has become an opportunity to regain a missing place! I can easily remember these moments: a review of what was collected in the evening, and the formation of theatrical groups in our mattresses on the sounds of rain falling. Huge voices circled, the trance of free play, whisper, and conceal, accumulate in the messy announcement of the arrival of the new season. Fresh air was plentiful; willow piss to the left, bird feeders with chickadees chirping to the right. It was heavenly!

It was the kind of time I learned that responsible work pays off. At that early age, I felt a bit of energy in my house and in myself after a day of dredging and cleaning. The house looked lighter and brighter, more cheerful. I felt like skipping.

The best part of removing confusion and organizing for me today is hearing my clients describe similar feelings of lightness and freedom, working as comfortably and efficiently as if I were born again, removing confusion can be a healthy representation of older people, the beginning of a whole new season in life.
It is good to involve children between the age of three and above and teach them to clean up confusion and chaos
For the sake of mutual pleasure, use natural and detoxifying tools

What are your plans this spring? Is there a cramped room or office that prevents you from enjoying your home or office the way you want to enjoy it? Is dust dusting beyond a reasonable limit? Do you find spring cleaning an arduous task in terms of Olympic size? Have you ever thought that good spring cleaning would be appropriate in the office?

10 vegetable recipes From north Africa for better health

I received an email from my blog readers,  about living  in Algeria and our traditional foodm i found this perfect step to write  about tradition dish and our childhood memories as like other worldwide food the Algerian one  is backed and  satored over suppermarket, but  you might teste  the original  recipe to understind what i'm talking about, this part of   Maghreb tradition of Northwestern Africa kitchen,  recipes are a mix of Spain and Turkish tradition too. The basic dish ingredients are most vegetable due to agriculture activities for most families over years.
So as a street food seeker  this list 10 open you the door over most completely vegetable recipes as my grandmother and my mother recipe done.

In Algeria never know about  recipe history , they just said , ' you must test my grandmother recipe  never ever forgot it  but  chekchuka might be original of Turkish kitchen as known in other country but in different ingredients
 Principal dish   prepared from sweet peppers Tomatoes Onion and garlic after maturing on low heat Add the pieces of French fries and stir in the mix Served with olive oil and bread  the best recipe  ever tested is my mother one every one is asking her for preparation steps then at Djelfa city .  most prepared in summer because it's cheap and fast prepared  for the big family diner
A lovely dish, at my home parent  in west of Algeria we are most harira then shourba in at holidays. it's prepared in weeding and specials days,  his root comes from Spain and it can prepared  without meat just vegetables and some flavisants the basic one contain Carrot, Draw, Courgettes, Potato, Salt, Black Pepper, Spicy Ginger, Shrimp Cinnamon
All well, the tomatoes, butterflies and lemon are added in
If you want to try it you must search a friend from west Algeria, or try an old restaurant.

 okay you can't serve harira sited abouve without Maakouda dish  or BOUREK ( non vegetable), I remember my mother preparing it in a bid repecient for the holl family every one can get two or three balls as we like, it's also prepared alone as principal dish  served with salad  memories fron our summer diners. in generals this old recipe is made from potatoes, garlic, eggs and peppers all serve as balls and fry in oil.

4-Batata fliou
  This one is prepared in Algiers capital and the city's around, simple and cheapest  then you expect can be prepared in every house in just 20 Min's that basic ingredient  are Potatoes cut with  garlic cubes and a soft  fresh green basil. Cook well in a few broth. Add 1 tablespoon of herring in the end

5-M'hajeb this really a street recipe there store  are every where on our city's this is a pasty dish like pancakes prepared from a mixture of flour salt and water and with several fillings including onions and tomatoes. All are prepared in layers of dough, which is folded several times and then fried in oil.
6- karantita
A lot of stores sell it in the street  so it can be the dinner of most people it can be the cheapest one his root begin from old history it really eaten in every house weekly ,the tradition recipe is made  from chickpeas flour eggs cumin  water and oil backed in   oven served hot.
7-M'esfouf foul  you might try it as a  Regular couscous, steamed with soft green beans, then mixed with local ghee and served with sour cream.  it's cheap and can prepared in just 20 Min's
8-Doubara Dubara is a traditional dish whose origins are in the city of Biskra. It is prepared from chickpeas cooked in water and cumin for a whole night. Then, cook the beans in the same way. Then in a third bowl, mix the tomatoes, spices, butter and hot peppers .The mixture is placed on hot beans and chickpeas for moments before serving the lovely recipe can be found in the street , many local stores selling it daily.

9- Tbikha a completely vegetable recipe prepared in north Algeria made from fresh sweet peas artichoke hearts and green fresh beans prepared at home  from house kipper mom served with varied salads and home made bread

10- Rice salad  I love this recipe at our hot summer day prepared with green peppers, pimentos and parsley garnish with egg rice, cook and chilledgreen pepper,choppedpimentos, choppedonion, chopped
 salt and pepper to tasteDressing

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